2017 Moldova Missions Team
July 26 – August 8, 2017
Back Row From Left To Right:
Bill Ferencak, Dick Pressler, Jerry Colson, Steve Mize, Drew Hallock, Keith Sargeant, & Derik Davis
Front Row From Left To Right:
Carolyn Willis, Carol Jensen, Lori Bailey, Deb Colson, Michelle Newsome, Tanya Bellot, & Tiffany Lesley
25Southside partners with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. Our convention develops partnerships with communities and countries as well. Currently, our Baptist State Convention has four partnerships: Moldova, Toronto, New York City and Boston. See the following link:
In 2016 Southside will send a team over to the country of Moldova at the end of July. The cost per individual varies depending on airline tickets. It can range from $1,900 to $2,900. This is the team member’s cost. This includes air fare, lodging, meals and etc.
Pray for our team as they embark on this journey!
Below is our 2015 Team:
Here are photo montages from our 2015 Missions Trip: